In the 1990's, our staff was deeply involved in the internet boom. Working with pioneers in network attached storage (NAS), load balancing, and hybrid systems, we worked with companies at the forefront of IT, recommending, installing and developing many new products. As the boom led to the bust of 2000, many of our customers with large (and expensive!) installations began calling us to tell us that their OEM's had stopped selling replacement parts for their mission critical equipment. What happened?

The Urge to Upgrade
Manufacturers had new products they wanted to push and had little interest in lengthening the life of legacy hardware. The problem (depending on your point of view) was that there was nothing wrong with the legacy equipment and most customers (and their shareholders) saw no real need to upgrade -- particularly in such economically challenging times.

Customers needed parts. Manufacturers either no longer offered the parts or made obtaining them prohibitively expensive. Clearly, there was a need for inexpensive, compatible parts from a trusted source. Enter Neospex.

Tested, proven spares for:

  • Network Appliance
  • EMC
  • Compaq
  • Cisco
  • Arrowpoint

Fulfilling a Need
As our customers requested, we began to purchase Excess and Overstock equipment from manufacturers and leasing companies. Over time, using expertise borne of years working with the equipment, we've built an inventory of tested, guaranteed, compatible replacement parts for our customers.

What began as a sideline business has rapidly become a standalone business and a lifeline for many customers who depend on our compatible replacement parts to keep their data communications infrastructures running. Our product line is expanding as customers request us to support their legacy equipment. Don't hesitate to call us if you need replacement parts.

As our business has grown our commitment to providing quality parts, service and support has remained our primary focus. Our engineering, service, and production departments are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest replacement parts available for the legacy systems we support. Every component part runs through a rigorous testing procedure before shipment to an end user.

NeoSpex currently is supporting products from Network Appliance, EMC, Cisco, Arrowpoint and Compaq. Our product line is expanding as customers request us to support their legacy equipment.

You can contact us with any questions you may have regarding your parts requirements by calling our exclusive distributor at 302.996.9408



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